Bondi Junction Opens April 2nd
Bondi Junction Opens April 2nd
Bondi Junction Opens April 2nd
Bondi Junction Opens April 2nd
Bondi Junction Opens April 2nd
Bondi Junction Opens April 2nd
Bondi Junction Opens April 2nd
Bondi Junction Opens April 2nd
Bondi Junction Opens April 2nd
Bondi Junction Opens April 2nd
Bondi Junction Opens April 2nd
Bondi Junction Opens April 2nd
Bondi Junction Opens April 2nd
Bondi Junction Opens April 2nd
Bondi Junction Opens April 2nd
Bondi Junction Opens April 2nd

Sauna Bondi

Come to Australia's largest traditional sauna in Bondi

Open sauna room bright light

Welcome to XtraClubs, Sydney’s newest and only affordable chain of recovery and wellness centres. We’re fed-up with the exorbitant cost of using saunas, steam rooms, ice baths regularly. All Sydney-siders should be entitled the opportunity to have a holistic approach to their health, which includes relaxation, rejuvenation, and revitalisation. Click through to our membership prices and see which locations we’re opening near you – or give us a trial, by visiting our inaugural location in Bondi Junction with a one-off pass.

Sauna Bondi - Xtra Clubs - Kath Evans in Bondi

Bondi, We're on Our Way!

Put these two words together: sauna Bondi. Sauna Bondi?

Surely we meant to say something like beach – Bondi. Or City2Surf and Bondi, Icebergs Bondi…

No! XtraClubs is bringing the heat to Bondi, with our new location featuring quality recovery equipment, like our fan-favourite saunas. We’ll soon be known by locals as the best place to get a sweat in.

Click through to our membership prices and see which locations are opening near you – or give us a trial by visiting our inaugural centre in Bondi Junction through a one-off pass.

Tracking health benefits in sauna Bondi

Using a sauna can offer a range of health and wellness benefits when used appropriately and in moderation. At XtraClubs, we implement digital tracking to give our guests insights into their time using the sauna. This includes reflections on stress reduction and relaxation, improvements in circulation, detoxification via sweating, immunity benefits and more. All information is available anytime on the XtraClubs app, locked behind a member’s account.

Across all locations

Your sauna tracking data is shared across all XtraClubs locations. That means, as we expand across Sydney and further north into Newcastle, you’ll be able to sauna more conveniently and receive regular health insights after your sauna sessions on the XtraClubs app. Sauna Bondi, sauna at Manly, you’ll soon even be able to drop into Town Hall for a soothing sauna.

Infrared sauna and traditional finnish sauna Bondi

Across all of our locations, there will be two saunas that you will have access to. Traditional steam saunas, which leverage 80 degree heat and high humidity, can seat up to 35 people at XtraClubs, and do wonders for bettering sleep and reducing the risk of developing certain diseases. The other saunas that you will find at XtraClubs locations are infrared saunas. These are a modern answer to heat therapy that have wellness benefits such as increased blood flow and reduced pain.

Read more health benefits, including the key differences between why you should use one type of sauna or the other (or both), by clicking this button.

Steam room Bondi

The heat that you’ll experience within a steam room, (as well as being incredibly relaxing), is a great way to reach several health benefits.

The most notable is deeper, easier breathing. This is because the heat generated from the steam, opens the mucous membranes across the body. If you have sinus issues, or are on the mend from an illness, you’ll gravitate toward the ‘wet heat’ from the steam room as opposed to the ‘dry heat’ within the sauna.

Steam to clean

Inspired by Turkish Hamam principles, steam rooms at XtraClubs are deeply rooted in age-old wellness traditions, and offer ample space to relax and to get away from your daily stresses.

Ice baths at XtraClubs Bondi

Each XtraClubs location will also house several individual ice baths. This therapy challenges newcomers and recovery veterans alike, to immerse themselves in cold waters between 5 to 8 degrees Celsius, for around 3 to 8 minutes.

During the immersion, your body will experience a number of health benefits. We have a great list of these benefits available to read by clicking here.

Some key questions about sauna Bondi

Yes, you do! The calories you burn are based on your time in the sauna and weight. For instance, people who weigh between 59 to 68 kilos would typically burn 50 to 60 calories within a 30 minute session. Those between 77 to 90 kilos, will find that around 60 to 70 calories are burnt for the same time spent. Your metabolism will also rise about 10 to 20%.


If you’re looking to buy a sauna for your house, well hey – must be nice. But if you’re looking to use a sauna in Bondi, or really anywhere across Sydney, be prepared to burn around $1.10 per minute, as recovery centres are super expensive.

Oh, that’s right, you’re looking to join XtraClubs, who’ve called that highway robbery “bull$#!t” – and let you access our Bondi Saunas at any time you want for just $23.95 per week. Nice!

That’s what the evidence suggests! Frequent usage of saunas has been linked to a host of health benefits, notably the reduced risk of vascular and nonvascular diseases.

The chances of being a victim to dementia and psychotic disorders are also significantly reduced.


We advise swimsuits. Here’s a few reasons why:

  • Formal suits can get really hot in there
  • Birthday suits in a public space aren’t a thing in Australia… (if you want to give it a try, its the norm in Finland!)


If you ever forget your swimsuit, we keep a few for purchase. Just ask one of our staff for help!*

*Disclaimer: they won’t help you leg-by-leg, get into the swimsuit

You can’t beat pushing your toes in the golden sands of Bondi Beach, before heading through the red and yellow sands for a refreshing swim.

It’s an amazing feeling soon after to steam out your dry skin from the salt water, by stepping into a steam room at XtraClubs; which is conveniently located nearby in Bondi Junction.

If sauna is more your style, try our Sauna Bondi experience, which will have you feeling body benefits like improved circulation and better skin.

Currently, there is only the one location for XtraClubs’ Sauna Bondi experience, in Oxford Street – Bondi Junction.

We describe Sauna Bondi as a relaxing experience, that helps your body recover from the physical strains you’ve just undertaken from running, cycling – or perhaps even rollerskating around the beautiful outskirts and lively inner urban areas of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

To Sauna Bondi, is to brush off the sands from your morning swim, and allow your body the chance to flush out its toxins and relieve your mind’s stresses. 

Who knows, you might even build a few social connections along the way with likeminded Sauna Bondi enthusiasts!

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